Beginner Courses

Entering golf made simple for everyone. Whether you wish to jump right into becoming certified, enabling you to freely explore European golf courses, or whether you first wish to get a little taste of golf. Try out golf – experience golf – have fun.


Advanced Courses

Are your ready to take your golf career up to the next level? With our advanced group courses, you can stabilize and expand on your golf skills. At the same time you get new impulses for your next workout.


Private Lessons

With a golf professional of your choice, you closely work together to improve your techniques by pursuing a strategy exclusively tailored around your needs. Here, you'll also find out about additional offerings by golf professionals in your region.


1. Select a beginner lesson

  • Is golf right for me? Golf is a beautiful outdoor pastime which fascinates more and more people. Via an introductory course, we provide you with the opportunity to try out this great sport without any commitments. We promise you - it will be fun.

  • When driving a car, you need a driver's license. For golfing, you need to be certified in order to be able to play on various European golf courses. Learn in small groups the basics of golf and show during a practical exam (according to DGV guidelines) what you learned.

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